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Duterte willing to accept refugees from conflict-affected countries

The Philippines is open to accommodate refugees if western countries continue to hesitate accommodating them.

Hataw Balita

AIRING DATE: November 18, 2016

Anchored by: Dr. Daniel Razon, Jun Soriao, Angela Lagunzad, and Monica Verallo, Rheena Villamor

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One thought on “Duterte willing to accept refugees from conflict-affected countries

  1. The Philippines has a LONG history of opening its shores to wave upon wave of refugees from other countries in conflict. Quite unlike the hypocritical West—who thump their chests as the world’s champions of human rights—the Philippines has long been a SAFE HAVEN for refugees of conflicts caused by the West themselves, starting from the Spanish era.

    In the 16th century (the 1590s), Jews from the Iberian peninsula left Spain as a result of the Spanish Inquisition and settled in northern Samar. In 1870, Jews from Alsace-Lorraine settled in the Philippines to escape the Franco-Prussian War. By the end of the Spanish period, Turkish, Syrian and Egyptian Jews also joined the budding Jewish community here. WWII saw the migration in 1947 of German Jews escaping Shanghai and Austria seeking refuge in the Philippines. As of 2011, roughly 70 Jewish families have remained in Metro Manila.

    1920 saw the first wave of White Russians seeking asylum here. Then, 1949 saw the second wave of some 5,500 White Russians from Mainland China at the height of the communist movement, who resettled on the island of Tubabao in Eastern Samar. Today, there are about 40 Russian families living in Metro Manila. In 1939, the Spanish Republicans sought asylum here to escape the Spanish Civil War and the wrath of Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

    America’s war in Vietnam—where the US haphazardly sprayed the deadly Agent Orange on civilian populations of 3 countries—gave birth to the so-called “boat people” from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, close to 500,000 of whom we gladly received and sheltered in the 13-hectare “Viet Village” in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and also in Morong, Bataan for 15 long years.

    In 1979, thousands of Iranians arrived here to escape the Iranian Revolution. In 1999, East Timorese found refuge in Davao City and Manila at the height of the post-referendum violence there. In 2002, a group of 25 North Korean defectors were taken to the AFP headquarters at Camp Aguinaldo. And very recently, refugees from 19 different nationalities (e.g., Congo, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Ukraine, Syria) have come in search of much needed asylum.

    (By contrast, PeN0y PaN0t rejected back in October 2015 resettlement of refugees from Australia—with Australia providing funds for relocating the refugees—apparently forgetting that his own ancestors were refugees from Mainland China.)

    The Philippine representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Bernard Kerblat, himself acknowledges the INVALUABLE contribution of our country to the introduction of the notion of international protection in support of voiceless refugees whose dire interests the West merely gives LIP SERVICE to.

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