Philippines ‘Very Seriously’ Concerned That US Intelligence Tags Duterte a ‘Threat to Democracy’

The presidential office in the Philippines has been seriously disturbed by the US intelligence community’s assessment that Rodrigo Duterte represents a “threat to democracy.”
Last week, the US Intelligence Community, comprising 16 federal agencies, listed President Duterte as one of the leaders in Southeast Asia who continues to pose a “threat” to democracy and human rights.

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    Philippines ‘Very Seriously’ Concerned That US Intelligence Tags Duterte a ‘Threat to Democracy’

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    1. we need serious tough leadership WORLDWIDE, but not dictators, humans should not be subjected to human enslavement, a violation of basic human and civil rights, so Trump position his E.O. on Dec 21, 17 to round up stolen wealth from corruptions fro world leaders and their Subordiates.
      whats next from deep state in Phillipines is its destruction. just like Libia, Syria, Iraq and other nations, i pray that Trump is able to put in place all tge necessary platforms to prosecute these destroyers of humanity, and yes, Evil intented E.T. Forces are involved

    2. Philippines used for war between USA and Japan. Strategically placed. After Trump talked to him, 3 thousand I believe of pedofiles arrested. Deep state or CIA uses other nations like lily pads to fly area to area for drug transportation and child trafficking and Philippines is no longer playing ball with CIA. So yea, CIA maybe targeting him.

    3. Oh and PS. If they took 4-7 MILES OF NORTHERN Vietnamese lands for defaulting on their loan. What will they do to America if God forbid an economic Collapse occurs and we default on our 1 trillion dollar loan that we owe the Chinese?? maybe they're gonna call that marker( collateral) that Hillary and Obama gave them to all our national parks it say the West coast may see some Chinese steel land on their coast and Boots on their necks when they take possession.

    4. Oh yeah, sure.. Duterte, the guy who told Obamam to go to hell. who started killing the CIA-backed drugg-traffickers. Oh, that guy??? You mean a threat to THEM..

    5. whats also strange is that Their Philippine Jesus, who makes claims to being the son of God was arrested, on his 15 million dollar Jett, with thousands of fiat currency, and guns and parts, here in Hawaii, he was released on bond, and he is connected to the President of the Philippines.

    6. You need to do some more research. China has been acting aggressive for years in the Asian Pacific Ocean region. Vietnam has been fighting with them at the UN not only after they STOLE 4-7 MILES OF NORTHERN Vietnamese lands claiming they where taking it as payment for money's loaned to them that haven't been Payed back since the 60s & 70s they then sent there military with an oil drilling crew to drill for oil off the coast in Vietnamese waters which is a lot more South than Japan. ad in the military islands they built they are building a fortress of Naval bases to either force the other country's to submit to their Rule or their preparing to put a wall between Asia and America. This Philippine guys just a poon in the bigger game of Chess China and Russia are playing.

    7. Can't leave him out with all that fighting going on he,he, bunch of bullies, they'll beat him over the head with his own olive branch good video tyvm

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