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The Duterte interview Pia Ranada will never forget ~Share

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  1. Pia Ranada has simply asked the questions she was told to say. She is just a puppet. Purhaps if she really cares about the truth and the Philipinies then I would like to see the conversation (purhaps argument) she had with her boss after all of this, may shed light on the truth of her motives. Don't be so quick to judge her, she could be a victim too. If you don't find out the fact's first, then you are as bad as the media. all aside, I love Duterte. It's great to finally see a leader who loves his country, not the money.

  2. What a stupid DUMB ASS BITCH this PIANOT …. trying to be smart when she’s so disrespectful and dumb ass stupid person…. DO NOT DISRESPECT THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭

  3. If people are distracted in any way from this topic or video…….. even if under the justification of "pro equality" and "peace"…… Along with the people who get "fired up" with hate and rage from this same topic or video, both the positive and negative elements that are in reaction to this topic or video are doing exactly as planned. The specificity of the design of this propaganda system is truly amazing. But as long as "both sides" are distracted by this topic or video…. the less of a chance for any discovery and for any true investigation to happen of how the world really works.

  4. This young reporter is seen shaking her head, presumably in response to most of what President Duterte is saying here, or has said, or implies about her employer's lack of candor, if not her's. Given the allegation her network is paid by or works for a 'foreign' concern, might this not be the Philippines very own CNN? What, you might gasp, THAT CNN? No wonder he's referring to 'fake news' here. Does anybody doubt CNN fakes the news anymore? No? Well guess you haven't seen CNN's mea culpa by THEIR president, apologizing for assisting, actually providing, the 'pants lady' candidate (during our last US election) with not only the questions to be asked during her debate with Trump, but the answers as well. I guess that's par for their network – they not only fake the news, but actually make it, too.

  5. Pia, anak, you learned your lesson. Don't be stupid next time. And, don't be disrespectful specially when you are talking to a President, dearly loved by the Filipino people. You will cry alone and truly regret what you just did the rest of your life. Treat others how you want to be treated. Gustong mong babuyin ang Presidente at ang ating gobyerno, you did not succeed! Ikaw tuloy ang nababoy. .

  6. Hahaha, Pia, " your inquicitive mind goes beyond its proportion", and your respect errodes along with it too. Your tone is irritating. ( mantakin mo presidente iniinterview mo wala kang respeto? ).

  7. Truthful words from the President itself. Time to change Philippine media. And it will change the lives of many Filipinos. Enough is enough being manipulated by this oligarchy.

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