US Intel: Duterte a Threat to Democracy; Trump: Duterte is Great

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–The US intelligence community labels Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte a threat to democracy in Southeast Asia, yet President Trump has had nothing but nice things to say about the authoritarian leader

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Broadcast on February 22, 2018

Video credits to David Pakman Show YouTube channel

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    US Intel: Duterte a Threat to Democracy; Trump: Duterte is Great

    Comments 32

    1. America is not the boss of this earth ,,.so america has no right to tell what another country must do or not do.. america must mind the business inside their country. Not outside their country..

    2. As usual David does not have the slightest clue what he is talking about, I bet David has never been in the Philippines… From what he's saying he clearly does not understand the intricacy of the situation on the ground… The usual overruling ant-Trump rhetoric bias presides over his reasoning. Pakman's channel – in some twist of irony – is becoming the Fox News for the uninformed rage-infested Democrat partisans, it's so disappointing….

    3. David , Republicans in the state I live in (Pennsylvania) want to impeach the supreme court now that their gerrymandered map has been forcefully redrawn by the court. Your coverage on this issue has been great , please continue to bring awareness to this problem . If Republicans get away with this in Pennsylvania, I feel it'll set a tone across the country.

    4. David, please don't do ads over 30 seconds…. it's ridiculous and makes you bad like the corporate channels. Voting down cause of that even though the actual video was good.

      If you read this, dislike this video so david learns how to not do ads

    5. Ironic because the Rodrigo is becoming more and more pro-China and anti-USA. He even squandered the Philippines legal victory. But Trump's America First policy probably helped nudge Rodrigo's decision. Without help of the US, Philippines can't stand a chance vs China in a standoff. Plus China couldn't care less about his human rights issues with the drug war.

    6. DAVID
      how do you call Duterte a dictator?
      He was elected by the people of the Philippines .the goverment has a working Senate and congress and supreme court. I have lived in the Philippines for over 12 years now have seen 3 different goverment parties in power all where elected by the people Duterte was no different than the ones before him. Yet you call him a dictator? Can you tell me why?
      I can see why you do mot lile him because you have no idea what goes on in the philippines. Come here and see you death in the street and all the suffering of the poor people that seem to me to be very happy with the way there country is going . You have your own shit head want to be dictator problem in the US it is a much bigger problem than Duterte will ever be to democracy

    7. And you know that ISIS invaded Marawi City in the Southern Philippines. Thanks to our Strong Leader All Terrorist have been neutralized for SPAN of 5MONTHS the fastest liberation of Daesh Occupation in the City in the world

    8. You pissy commies getting all upset over the advertisement should take a business class. David needs funds to run the show, if you want David Pakman to survive he needs to extend his ability to earn funds.

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