26th Cabinet Meeting 6/11/2018

Aguinaldo State Dining Room, Malacañan Palace
June 11, 2018

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte presided over the 26th Cabinet Meeting at the Aguinaldo State Dining Room in Malacañan Palace.

Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat led the opening prayer and delivered the presentation on the issues faced by foreign tourists in the country.

The other discussion points in the Cabinet Meeting included updates on the implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) updates and the proposed Bangon Marawi Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Recovery Plan, proposal to accelerate the transfer of remaining unused government-owned agricultural lands to the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), and the Universal Health Care Bill.

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    26th Cabinet Meeting 6/11/2018

    Comments 2

    1. Duterte is an opportunist now….sighs!
      Any pretty fans he will surely hv sights on her….
      Shd hv control his ego thing….pity …
      I still remember Duterte wants to get rid of barangays election due to corruption during his election speeches….
      But we know now its just Ego talk n talk n making Gd to hear popular speeches which Gd to the ears but doing nothing much of it.
      U want to get rid of Corruption Duterte well u know n I know the dirtiest of all corruption is POLITICAL CORRUPTION.
      Im sure u know wat to do but I know by doing that u going to step on big toes of the Rich n Elite in the Senate of bisnes family dynasties. I know u can't do it bcos U Ego is bigger than ur B****…..
      To be honest Duterte is just too Egoist to lead the country. Duterte has 3 agendas for his election campaign…
      1st n 2nd agenda is to fight drugs n criminality …
      Duterte is doing it the wrong way.
      By killing drug n criminal offenders Duterte is doing it for a short term solution.
      It's Gd for short term but We hv to think why these poor ppl are doing drugs n crime?…..its obvious MONEY!
      Want a long term solution?
      ….create jobs.
      These poor ppl are desperate to provide for the families. They hv school fees to pay…….put food on the table n hv a roof over their heads medical bills etc wen they are sick to pay…
      By creating jobs for our fellow filipinos… drugs n crime statistics will go down….mark my word .
      Not only that u will create social stability n cohesiveness in our society bcos ppl will b happy with their life showing loving n caring n respect for each other will b the norm regardless of race language or religion
      By segregating ourself from the Economic might of the US n EUROPEAN UNION just bcos ur EGo was hurt thru remarks by human rights etc2 dnt u think our Filipino ppl are ur 1st priority n not ur Ego?
      Duterte dnt u think u shd suppressed ur Ego n be humble for a change?
      If I were Duterte I will hv an audience with these so call human rights groups which to me is politically motivated in some way n face them n asked them these questions……
      What has the world did or these human rights organisation do to help The Philippines ppl to fight drugs n criminality which were totally rampant in the country?
      Did the world offer assistance by sending experts on how to fight drugs n crime?
      Did the world help in infrastructure building to house drugs n crime offenders?
      Did the world send experts to teach our Filipino ppl on how to go abt rehabilitating these drug addicts n criminals?
      Did they hv plans with Interior Ministry to set up joint venture thru ppl education via schools n public presentation?
      The world did NOTHING!
      Hence instead of showing ur Ego Duterte u shd hv face them at their own turf n shove all those questions to them….
      Tell them.to shut up if they are doing nothing for the Filipino ppl.
      Create jobs Duterte let the Economic super powers of America n European union open up busineses in our country. Dnt rely Entirely on China n Russia..
      We hv misses out the TTP economic agreements with 14 countries bcos it was hosted by Australia who was a part of the pact n Australian PM is an advocate on human right issues voicing the things done by our Duterte n Duterte doesn't like it….
      N now our ppl lost the billions of $ for the present n future investment to b had for our country. N its all bcos of ur Ego Duterte….
      Its not abt INTEGRITY nor this country INTEGRITY.
      Its abt the survival of the poor of our Filipino brothers n sisters.
      As for ur INTEGRITY President Duterte hv lost his INTEGRITY wen he didn't Sue Sen Trillanes for Defamation wen Sen Trillanes accused him of CORRUPTION.
      Again Duterte didnt stand up n clear his Gd name n not to mention the Gd name of his family n all his supporters n voters n of cos his administration….
      Now as for corruption…
      Duterte knows the biggest corruption is POLITICAL CORRUPTION….Like I said he knows it n he needs to start from the top n by doing that Duterte's going to step on big toes In the Senate n in his administration isn't it….
      Like i said earlier He doesn't hv the b** to do it. Bcos his Ego is much bigger than that….
      I Love my fellow filipinos
      Its sad to see our Filipino.kids run around in the streets holding plastic bags which contain glue to sniff at to suppressed their hunger n these kids are controlled by thugs on the streets weren wen they are supposed to b in school n its obvious their parents hv no financial mean nor jobs to provide education for them.
      Take care my fellow Filipinos n please b safe always..

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