HARDtalk Maria Lourdes Sereno (Rodrigo Duterte)

Rodrigo Duterte has been President of the Philippines for two years. His war on drugs has cost thousands of lives, with his human rights record attracting international condemnation, and prompting charges of authoritarianism. Yet he has an approval rating unheard of in most democracies. HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur speaks to former Chief Justice of the Philippines – Maria Lourdes Sereno, who was removed from the Supreme Court by her fellow justices. Was that a victory against official corruption or a devastating Duterte-inspired blow to democracy?

Video credits to LudVan 2 74 YouTube channel

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    HARDtalk Maria Lourdes Sereno (Rodrigo Duterte)

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    1. One more thing, our DEMOCRATIC way of life as FILIPINOS is not being affected because you have been ousted by your COLLEAGUES, TRUE DEMOCRACY in this country is NOW being FELT by people in every way of life and not just for the OLIGARCHS!!! SERENO does sound like a POLITICIAN who is trying to CONVINCE the people that THEY are the RIGHT people to LEAD the country. In short, ATENG SERENO, wala po susuporta sainyo kundi yang mga boss mo at mga bayaran nyo!!! Hindi po sa sense of POPULARITY lang nakuha ni PANGULO DUTERTE ang taongbayan, kundi po dahil sa kanyang PAGLILINGKOD sa BAYAN ng may pag-PAPAKATOTOO at walang BAHID ng pagiging TRAPO!?!?!

    2. Sereno is all RUBBISH!!! She thinks she can FOOL the people in other countries by acting like she's been a VICTIM of a so-called dictator but the truth is that she is just a PUPPET of the OLIGARCHS of the PHILIPPINES. Sereno, NO ONE is on your side but you and your bosses. We, FILIPINOS are not DUMB to buy your CRAP!!! GOSSIPS, you say?!?!? Oh c'mon, Sereno, have you forgotten that LIARS go to HELL?!?!?!

    3. All the crimes happened in the Philippines the LP pointed fingers to Duterte, when something good happened in the Philippines LP eagerly credit grabbing. How cool is that? LOL

    4. Sereno the Filipino people is not asking you to help them. You can't even help your self. We don't need to reclaim any thing because we have not lost anything rather we have gained a lot after Duterte. We are no longer fearful to walk the streets night and day, the economy is soaring up, lots of things have improved. Please don't include all Filipinos as if we are all poor. With Duterte as president now, we who are more fortunate than others try to help with action, sharing our meager savings, providing food to the poor. You however is only all talks and even instigating people to rebel against the goverment. You're a bad looser and remember whoever is asking your help are but product of your imagination or a myth. You lied your way up to become a chief justice and responsible for the removal and death of an innocent chief Justice Corona. You deserve to be jailed and disbarred.

    5. Qo waranto means in the same way: your not a real lawyer therefore there is nothing to disbar you.
      Your not a real chief justice therefore there is nothing to impeach you, that's how simple. Chief justices and justices of the world are laughing to sereno now for being dumb.
      Qo waranto for disqualified vs impeachment for qualified.

    6. this woman don't want to step down because the previous president who appointed her in that position will be exposed of their corrupt activities. Worse they will be jailed and no one will stop that from happening because they don't control the judiciary now

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