Logging concession sa Zamboanga Peninsula, ipinasususpinde ni Pangulong Duterte

Logging concession sa Zamboanga Peninsula, ipinasususpinde ni Pangulong Duterte

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    Logging concession sa Zamboanga Peninsula, ipinasususpinde ni Pangulong Duterte

    Comments 1

    1. For decades the Natural Resources of PH were abandoned entirely by the government.
      It was and still is being abused and destroyed by wealthy business people taking advantage and exploiting the frail, weak workers to do their illegal logging. There is unquestionably an enormous corruption and bribery in that field.
      And finally today for the first time in decades, under the Duterte administration, the PH President himself is now screaming out to stop the illegal logging NOW!
      It is imperative that officials working in DENR are trustworthy and reliable; otherwise, the system will never succeed.
      As for the workers who might lose their job when the logging business ends, DENR would do its best to reallocated or offer them another form for a job. But I think, it is imperative that people should understand the damaged and impact of excessive logging does to Nature. It is the cause of extreme flooding, creating thousands of death and destroyed houses and their livelihood. These companies are killers of Nature. DENR should provide leaflets composed primarily for the field workers the reason why trees logging should stop now. The wording and explanation should be easy to understand; e.g. it is for the sake of their children, grandchildren to keep our Natural resources intact, and people should learn to respect the Nature.
      It also covers the phasing of the old jeepneys to a new environmentally friendly transportation issue right now.
      Some people, jeepney drivers, have no knowledge why it is crucial to change the old jeepneys.
      I heard very few PH legislator that was good in explaining why it is necessary to discard the old jeepneys causing the severe air pollution in the country. It is because they are the cause of severe air pollution, which is the prime causes of many critical diseases like cancer. Children, weak people and everybody in Manila inhaling the air is exposed. When a driver's children are inhaling the poisonous air and got sick, he will now understand that he contributed to making his family a victim of his jeepney. Perhaps simple pedagogical explanations to the ones concerned losing their only means of earning a living would help them understand. Filipinos must practice a good discipline and collaboration to build a prosperous nation. I just want to articulate my point of view. And Good luck to all Filipinos !!!

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